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10 Most Popular Weed Dispensaries in California


The marijuana industry is beginning to become more of a norm in the U.S. California happens to be the first state to legalize the sales of medical marijuana. Other states are following the trend or at least decriminalizing certain amounts of marijuana. Being that California pretty much initiated the movement, we created a list of the 10 Most Popular Weed Dispensaries in California.

The monetization of medical marijuana has proven to become a pretty good economical decision. Not only is marijuana being sold in various strains, dispensaries are also offering plenty of different ways to consume the drug. Edibles are becoming a very popular choice and most of them resemble everyday treats that non-marijuana consumers would flock to.

1Harborside Health Center

Weed Dispensaries in California

Harborside Health Center, like many of the dispensaries on this list prides itself in using “finest quality” cannabis products. They are located in San Jose, California and even offer a delivery service. They have a growing customer base and appeals to the medical needs of customers.



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